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6 Ways to Train Yourself to be Mindful in Sobriety

The human mind is like having an infinite number sided dice and rolling it repeatedly just to see what may be the outcome. Sure it might land on the same sides twice- anything is possible, but ultimately there will be a different result most of the time for the dice tossed. The possibilities, of course, are limitless. Human beings can be thinking of one thing particularly, and with a simple roll- something of completely different nature seconds later. Then add another infinite sided dice to this game we call life. We just doubled infinity- however that is possible.

Eventually, thoughts are flying all over the place and any sane individual is just trying to keep up with them. The point being is demands of reality can become overwhelming. Many addicts and alcoholics turn to various substances just for this reason. The numbing effect of narcotics can make the chaos upstairs mutable at points, but nothing is ever permanent. Most addicts begin to realize how unsustainable this lifestyle is sooner than later. The results can be anything opposite of pretty until this person enters recovery. It is here that we learn how to be mindful in sobriety as we embark on this new mission.

Keep Playing Those Mind Games

With so many prospects on the horizon, you would think it would be hard for the brain to catch up sometimes, but there are ways to do it without the detrimental effects of chemical narcolepsy. To practice being mindful in sobriety, there has to be a want to do so. There has to be a want to shift the focus onto self as we take a deeper look at how our gears turn.

As we begin to look into our reflection, being mindful in sobriety will make immediate changes to our overall being. Practicing this state of being mindful in sobriety will help us to:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Decrease Depression
  • Lower Stress

Or even

  • Increase Concentration Techniques
  • Better our Sleeping Patterns.
  • Improve Overall Mental Health

Practicing this state of being will help us to get to know ourselves a little better. We all think we know ourselves because we are ourself, but the amount of people who barely know their wants, needs, and desires is astounding. As we practicing how to become mindful in sobriety, tension, on the whole, will alleviate and give us a better chance to see ourselves clearly.

Magnifying Mindfulness

When it comes to staying mindful in sobriety, we have to take a step back and really process our surroundings. Taking the time to breach real time scenarios as they happen can be frustrating, but the payoff is more than worth it. Breaking everything down and taking looking at how we react to stimulus is what it all boils down too. Our thoughts are running rampant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be tamed of course. A few of the ways to tame ourselves in being mindful in sobriety include:

  1. Watching Our Thought Bubbles
  2. Noticing Our Emotions
  3. Paying Close Attention to the Senses Engaged
  4. Focusing Intently on Something Else
  5. Anything Meditative Based
  6. Taking Deep Breathes

Just practicing any one of the tactics every day to remain mindful in sobriety can put you on a road to feeling more aware and at peace within no time.

woman practicing mindfulness

Being Mindful of your Mindfulness

Once the issues in our lives are diagnosed, it is then that we can put the magnifying glass up to them and really dissect them. It would be silly to think that anyone of us could find a solution without understanding the problem entirely. Addiction and alcoholism will trick us into believing we know better with everything. Our alcoholic thinking only brings out the imprudence in us. After all, it is the fool who believes he to be a wise man, while at the same time the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Mindfulness in sobriety opens up a path for acquaintance and wisdom. Most of us go throughout our days without realizing how judgmental our perceptions can be at times. However, this is more or less human nature as we continue through our lives and turn the autopilot on and off. Sometimes we have little blips of thoughts and we allow them to expand or we shut them down quickly in the beginning. Being mindful in sobriety requires actually realizing each thought as it occurs and then understanding such. We have so many thoughts that we keep to ourselves, but we must recognize the need for them to be brought to light at least with ourselves. So much is seen but so little information is shared.

Think, Think, Think

With the mind and body being connected in all aspects, all the benefits of being mindful in sobriety will help both up and downstairs to strengthen. The toxins that we allow to weigh us down with stress will only drag us down completely in the end. The practice of mindfulness is a delectable remedy to the cantankerous thoughts that typically stress us out.

Becoming self-aware through being mindful in sobriety will help us give to others rather than constantly take. It feels good to have the patience to deal with life on life’s terms. At the end of the day, introspection will create room for the mind to grow and to manifest the best person possible. All it takes is

Do You Mind?

Substance abuse is something that doesn’t occur overnight but over the course of many long tiresome nights. Alcoholic thinking will consume anybody that wants to dance with the devil if the disease is prevalent inside. Unfortunately, there isn’t any cure, but there is a solution that requires abstinence and 12 step work. There is hope at the end of that unmanageable path. If you or a loved one has been struggling with getting a firm grasp on sobriety and need a drug and alcohol treatment facility, please call1-800-481-8457 or visit oarcstaging.wpengine.com. Our teams of specialists are waiting by to help figure out what options are best for sending your life is a comfortable direction that you can proudly stand behind.

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